Baby Toys Set Painting Drawing Toys Black Board With Magic Pen Chalk Painting Coloring Book

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  •  This is a chalk portable drawing book for baby’s painting sensitive period which mostly starts at about 1 year and 2 year old.
  • Canvas material while the inner pages are made of plastic canvas. All of them are waterproof and easy to wash. It can be removed by the wet cloth. Convenient and clean to use.
  • Dustless Chalk, colorful and safety.
  • Add More Fun to drawing, writing and learning with our cute drawing pad. It will make you easily accompany your kids’ growth and help kids enjoy the doodle to unleash their creativity and enlighten their imagination and love for art.
  • Portable: With thick cloth and proper size, it is easy to carry on the go and allows for drawing in cars, airplanes, restaurants, hospitals, road trips and traveling
  • Water-Proof Coating in safe PP material, wear-resistant and dirt-proof, is durable in long time usage. Erased by socking cloth and wet wipes will immediately refresh it
  • Coloring Smoothly and Fluidly, the pen provides more clear and bright lines while easy to wipe off. Specially designed pen bag keeps pens together and does not leave them all over the house, saving your time for looking around.

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